About My Nipple Piercing

I didn't want my blog to be just beauty focussed, I want to talk about anything/everything, and I know when I was considering getting my nipple pierced I did try to research it slightly although it was full of YouTube videos, which I found daunting, so if this helps anyone then win win.

I had my nipple pierced roughly around 2 years ago, to me piercings are no biggie, I often have piercings that I wear for few months then take out and then get redone and so on and so on. I first contemplated nipple piercings when I saw that a local piercing place to me was offering them half price, being £15. I have a pretty decent pain threshold, I have had my nose done, my lobes, my cartilage in my ears numerous times and my tragus prior to my nipple being done.

After the YouTube videos I was nervous due to the pain they felt and people fainting and so I got psyched up and took a nurofen express half an hour before the piercing, I cant say whether this helps, but I doubt it.

When it got down to the piercing, the lady did spray it with a freezing spray, this does help with some pain but it was more to make it easier for her to pierce, by freezing the nipple it becomes erect and compact for longer making it easier to pierce. the needle went through, and when she tried to slide it out the plastic tube dropped and I had to have it re-pierced again, I chose to have a silver bar as I felt like the bars looked prettier, especially in my head when I paired it with a lace bra.

All in all my tragus piercing was worse, but with my decent pain threshold and it may be a little TMI but my nipples weren't that sensitive prior to the piercing so that may be a factor in it.  It bled a little but she had bandaged it up straight after anyway. In terms of maintenance it easily one of the easiest piercings I've had.

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  1. Ahh! I used to be obsessed with piercings, I had my tongue, many different ear piercings, nose, belly and hips pierced but the nipple kinda creeps me out haha! Although that might just be because my boobs are on the larger side and I just don't think a nipple piercing would look cute on me! I do think they are very cute on perkier boobies! :)

    corrie | corriearnold.co.uk


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